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Our fast-growing network of incredible faith-based gap year programs helps Christian young adults discover their God-designed purpose and path, develop life skills with a strong biblical worldview, and deploy into next steps with focus and confidence.

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You have BIG choices.

The modern student is under a ton of pressure to make huge choices at the end of high school. It seems like jumping right into college is the default. And it may be ideal for many students. But college costs are skyrocketing, hammering Gen Z with big debt. Undergrad degrees are less effective in developing real world job skills. The job market is changing so fast that it’s more important than ever to make strategic decisions. Time is more valuable than money. And the average college campus is full of culture-driven distractions. Are you ready?

Christian gap year programs help young adults discover their purpose and path, get a jump start on essential skills, and launch into next steps with confidence and a strong biblical worldview.

Why a Christian Gap Year?

There are a host of reasons! And the main reasons are different for every unique young adult. For most, taking a year to align their heart, their mind, and their life toolbox with their God-designed purpose and path before investing valuable time and loads of money on college is an investment that adds exponential value to every step after. The high-community, small group dynamics, intentional mentoring, and dynamic environments also contrast with getting lost on a big campus.

Christian gap year students building community outdoors.

The Best Christian Gap Year Programs

What makes a great gap year program? Most faith-based gap year programs have solid mentors, meaningful experiences, strong Christian worldview development, and often the opportunity to earn college credit. But the best gap year programs take it up a notch in some essential areas.

What We Do

The Christian Gap Year Association helps Christian young adults discover, evaluate, and connect with the best Christian gap year program for their unique situation. Part of that process is building a network of exceptional Christian gap year programs that meet or exceed standards built from our team’s decades of ministry and higher education experience.

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